Katie Crokus


About Katie

Katie is a nutrition and mindset coach who believes in empowering women to reach their goals through enjoyable and effective lifestyle habits. Finding ways to love the process is the key to sustainable success. Inspired by her three daughters, Katie prioritizes an open dialogue surround food and fitness, families in the kitchen and recipe development.

Why I Choose G2G

The quality of ingredients can't be beat. It's almost not even fair to call it a protein bar because it is more like a cookie masquerading as something truly nourishing! I love that they are FRESH! And without preservatives. THIS make them the best item of its kind.

There are so many ways I enjoy my g2g! Straight from the package when I'm on the go is not only delicious but clutch; but I also love to chop it up and warm the pieces to enjoy like baked cookie bits, fresh out of the oven. PB Chocolate chip is my favorite for this! As a sweet dessert topper, I'll grab some frozen bits and top on yogurt.

G2G Bar is the single most requested item in my house! My husband, three daughters and I reach for them daily and it is wonderful to have something so well balanced in macros and nutrients be such an accessible snack for my family.

Katie CrokusAmbassador

I love the g2g bar because it tastes incredible; but more than that, it fuels me in a way that supports not only my busy life but my preference for fresh, quality and preservative-free ingredients. I feel good eating it and sharing it with my kids. No other bar does all that.