Why refrigerated?

G2G Bars Were Made for the Fridge.

People are constantly asking us the question, "Why do your bars need to be refrigerated when most other protein bars don't?" The answer is quite simple. G2G Bars need to be refrigerated becuase they were specifically designed that way.

Preservatives and other artificial ingredients can have a negative impact on our overall health. We take this knowledge very seriously when formulating G2G Bars. Instead of using a bunch of artificial ingredients that could make our bars last longer on a shelf, we choose to fill our bars with fresh/natural/organic ingredients instead. So, to preserve their fresh taste and make them last longer, G2G Bars need to be refrigerated.

All Natural Ingredients

G2G Bars are made with simple all-natural ingredients. We source as many ingredients as we can locally, use organic ingredients whenever possible, and product the bars fresh in our own facility every day. If you take the time to read our ingredient list, we're confident that you'll like what you see.

Don't Worry, You're Still Good 2 Go

While G2G Bars were specifically designed to be stored in the fridge, their still a perfect grab-and-go option for wherever life takes you.

How long do G2G bars last?

  • Out of Fridge: 1 month
  • Refrigerated: 8 months
  • Frozen: 1 year

18 Grams of Protein

Finding it hard to get enough protein in your diet? Each G2G Bar has 18 grams of muscle building, fat burning, metabolism boosting protein!

Certified Gluten-Free

Every G2G Bar is certified gluten-free, making it the perfect snack for anyone sensitive or allergic to gluten. Enjoy worry-free nutrition with each bite.

Perfect On-The-Go Snack

Keep your energy up with G2G Bars, fresh for 30 days outside the fridge. Ideal for busy lives, they offer a convenient, nutritious boost anytime.

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