Easy Quarantine Activities

Hiking / Go for a Walk

Hiking or going for a walk is something you probably have already done during quarantine. However, to up your hiking and walking game try these things:


Try wear some ankles weights on your walk to get the max out of your stroll. Bring a trash bag and some gloves and pick up any garbage you might see while you take your walk.


Mix up your hiking game by finding new places to go with the help of www.alltrails.co. Bring some binoculars and try to spot some wildlife on your hike.

Tennis, Volleyball, Golf...

Some of the best sports require the least amount of equipment! Which is perfect if you think you'll never pick up a racket or a golf club again. Becuase let's be real, quarantine has got everyone out of their comfort zone and trying some pretty crazy new things.

Some sports that require little to no equipment are playing tennis, going to the driving range, and or kicking around a soccer ball. Another suggestion to start your process of getting outdoors to play a sport is to research the parks and courts around you.


Whether you have access to a national park or just your backyard, camping is a long time ritual that will get you out of your house and into the great outdoors. Gear can be expensive, so we recommend looking at stores like Walmart of Costco to get the best bang for your buck!

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Where to find G2G Bars

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Why Refrigerated?

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